Helping News                                                  April 2013 Issue 58

Statistical Brief:
US Government Report- Most Frequent Conditions in U.S. Hospitals, 2010-

After reviewing the top ten most frequent conditions contributing to hospital stays, mood disorders ranks sixth! All mood disorders rank third among 18-44 years, and first among 1-17 years of age. Bipolar disorders requiring hospital stays among children has risen 434% since 2000.
Mood disorders ranked as one of the top five most rapid growing conditions requiring hospitalization in all age categories up to 65.

What does this mean? 
One could have the 
perspective that people
are more stressed than
ever before, but also 
becoming more open, 
accepting and 
courageous in seeking 
help. The statistics 
demand consideration
 for attention and resources 
for this kind of help. Mental 
health is traditionally one of the lowest funded and under-supported conditions within our health system, and the trend is not keeping pace with the demand.

CCG advocates on clients behalf to challenge insurance companies and self-insurers to consider the benefits of better mental health, by saving on costs of lost produtivity and long-term health problems, by investing upfront. It appears that many recognize that getting help is important, and see the immediate and long-term benefits. CCG also is investing effort to coordinate more often with other health practitioners to provide "whole person" care, recognizing that good mental health is vital to good overall health.     
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