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The Clinical Counseling Group consists of six independently, state licensed therapists, working independently (managing their caseloads, setting schedules, & using their own unique approaches to psychotherapy) to address a a variety of significant issues. All therapists are independent contractors using a wealth of experience and education to manage their cases of their own accord. Individual therapists are in excellent standing with the following organizations:​ ACA (American Counseling Association), NACBT, & NASC, NASW & OPA. The Clinical Counseling Group has held a reputation in Stark and surrounding counties for providing the highest quality psychotherapy services. 

Concerns including: Children & Adults with ADHD; Anxiety, Trauma, Anger Management, Depression, Weight Management, Women’s issues, Domestic Violence, Chemical Dependency and Abuse, Healthcare Professional Burnout, Couples/Family Discord and General Self-Improvement are skillfully managed.

Counseling provided is:  • Solution-oriented •  Flexible•  Private & Confidential•  Educational•  Empowering
Approaches used include: • Cognitive/Behavioral strategies• Group & individual work• Experiential techniques• Problem-solving• Spiritual resolution• Hypnosis

The Clinical Counseling Group will also be offering downloadable educational materials on topics like: boosting mood, overcoming anxiety, parenting strategies, reducing stress, etc. DOWNLOADABLE FORMS, and Web Polls addressing pressing topics of our time.

Online support, coaching, consultation and education can be obtained by going to the counselors page  and simply clicking the counselor's name. 

SAMPLE of email feedback:
Simple Solutions to Common Parent-Child Concerns:

The battle over healthy eating- 

1. Scenario:  Five year-old Rachel requests chocolate chip cookies before eating dinner. She begins whining, then screaming when told no. Two siblings are observing. Mom is feeling more and more frustrated, tense and eventually even angry.

 Focus on what’s going right 
 Take care of yourself 
 Remind children of the natural rewards 
 The instant you get close to what you want-  Reinforce the behavior! 
 Offer the choice      
 Acknowledge your child 

2. Scenario: Ten year-old James insists that he does not like fish sticks, and         
 begins describing how horrible fish sticks are to his younger brother, Nathan, while younger brother is eating. Mom is not yet home, and dad is feeling pressured. 

 Focus on what’s going right.   
 Prompt your child to assess his behavior. 
 State natural consequences and choice to be made. 

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