About CCG    4829 Munson Street NW, Canton, OH 44718

The Clinical Counseling Group consists of four independently, state licensed therapists, working independently (managing their caseloads, setting schedules, & using their own unique approaches to psychotherapy) to address a variety of significant issues. All therapists are independent contractors using a wealth of experience and education to manage their cases of their own accord. Individual therapists are in excellent standing with the ACA (American Counseling Association) & the NASW (National Association of Social Workers). The Clinical Counseling Group has held a reputation in Stark county and the surrounding counties for providing the highest quality psychotherapy services. 

Concerns including: Adults with ADHD; Anxiety, Trauma, Anger Management, Depression, Weight Management, Women’s issues, Domestic Violence, Chemical Dependency and Abuse, Healthcare Professional Burnout, Couples/Family Discord and General Self-Improvement are skillfully managed.

Counseling provided is:  • Solution-oriented •  Flexible•  Private & Confidential•  Educational•  Empowering
Approaches used include: • Cognitive/Behavioral strategies• Group & individual work• Experiential techniques• Problem-solving• Spiritual resolution• Hypnosis

The Clinical Counseling Group will also be offering downloadable educational materials on topics like: boosting mood, overcoming anxiety, parenting strategies, reducing stress, etc. DOWNLOADABLE FORMS, and Web Polls addressing pressing topics of our time.

More information coming...

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