Helping News                                                 May/June, 2023   Issue 166

Simple ways to boost your mood... 

In our modern era of instant information and communication, maintaining a healthy emotional state can be challenging. The deluge of dramatically negative information is often overwhelming and distortive, producing negative emotions that skew our reality. 

Reflecting on powerfully happy memories can start to balance the everyday experience. Deliberately recalling a happy time, and fully investing in the details can trigger strong happy emotions.  

Experimenting with different perspectives provides alternative emotions that allow for positive flexible experiences versus the dead end of disappointment. For example, "the fishing is always better in the rain," may be a perspective that allows potential for fun...even in the rain.

Identifying your strong thoughts and how you connect with good may expand your sense of a more positive reality. What we think and how we choose to connect tends to expand in our brains. 

Planning joyful and meaningful activities helps propel us into emotional states that can inspire excitement, anticipation and drive toward brighter experiences. Vacations, outings, gatherings, events, etc. are good to plan, even for the experience of the planning.

Contemplating and meditating on blissful experience either in your heart or something with future potential, i.e., investing in a quiet moment, or sharing possibilities with your partner, may produce the powerful sense of connection within yourself or another person.

Investigating these strategies are sure to produce some mood boosting and a more sturdy sense of reality in trying times.

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