Helping News                                                 March/April, 2023   Issue 165

Spring is coming...take your stress outside 


​  Getting outside may be one of the best things you can do for your mental health. Walking and hiking in nature not only can improve your mood, but we also experience our surroundings more gradually versus the sudden attention grabbing by typically indoor activities. Our attention being captured at more gradual rates may reduce our stress.

 Reconnecting with nature can help us put things into perspective and can build the sense that we are part of something bigger. Rejoining with outdoor scenery can foster a greater sense of belonging, and give the sense one's concerns are a smaller part of the big picture.

  Shaking our routine paradigm may also be achieved with the outdoor experience, which is excellent for our brains to more easily become unstuck and problem solve more easily. Nature provides awe-inspiring scenes that can gently pull us out of our everyday doldrums.

  Plan your next nature outing and enjoy the benefits!

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