Stress Inventory
Select each item that has occurred in your life over the past two years and submit your email 
at the end of the inventory for score & feedback.


Fill in option for each item that best 
applies to you and submit your email for feedback.


Death of a spouse
Marital Separation
Jail term
Death of a close family member
Personal injury or illness requiring medical attention, e.g., surgery
Fired at work
Marital reconciliation
Change in health of a family member
Sexual difficulties
Gain of a new family member
Business readjustment
Change in financial status
Foreclosure of mortgage or loan
New mortgage
Change in perceived number of arguments with spouse
Change to a different line of work
Death of a close friend
Son or daughter leaving home
Change in responsibilities at work
Trouble with the in-laws
Outstanding personal achievement
Spouse begins or stops work
Revision of personal habits, e.g., stop smoking
Trouble with boss
Change in Living conditions
begin or end school
Change in social activities
Change in living environment
Change in recreational habits
Change in schools
Change in residence
Change in work hours or conditions
Change in number of family gatherings
Change in sleeping habits
Large loan
Change in eating habits
Major holiday, e.g., Christmas
Minor violations of the law, e.g., speeding ticket