Our Counselors 

Thomas Funk is state licensed clinical counselor, and the administrator for the group. He is also endorsed as a supervising counselor by the State of Ohio. He maintains a national sports counselor certification, a hypnotherapy certification, a PTSD clinician national board certification, and a state social worker license. Since 1985, Mr. Funk has served in a variety of social service settings as an administrator, therapist, & consultant. He was awarded "Fellow" designation by the APA (American Psychotherapy Association), "reserved for those professionals who were able to meet the most stringent requirements of the APA in areas of knowledge, skill, education, training, & experience in the therapeutic process" (APA). 

Jon Lindsey a licensed clinical counselor by the State of Ohio, has also been working in social services since 1985. He is Nationally Certified Psychologist at the Master’s level.  He has extensive experience with a broad range of mental health issues, and has specialized in working with behavior management concerns, relationship challenges, mood disorders and grief work.  Mr. Lindsey is also endorsed to clinically supervise by the state board.

Christine Schoenberg-Angione is an independently licensed clinical counselor with the supervisory designation by the State of Ohio. Christine works with those age 14 through the lifespan, with a strong desire to work with the aging population and those who are providing care for aging family members. Christine has a background working with aging adults, working in nursing homes providing individual and group counseling to residents. Christine has worked in the mental health field for over 20 years. It is her desire to continue to provide a safe place for individuals to share their journey of healing and build on their resiliency through issues such as depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, grief and loss, family of origin issues, relational issues, stage of life issues, self-esteem and others. 

Michelle Husted is a clinical therapist who has 30 years’ experience in treating individuals, children and families with trauma histories. She believes clients have access to incredible internal resources and resilience. Her treatment involves a journey of change with them to increase their awareness of personal strengths while expanding a sense of personal empowerment. Michelle is currently licensed in Ohio as a Clinical Counselor with Supervisory endorsement. Her clinical focus includes extensive training in mood and adjustment disorders, family therapy, stress management, grief recovery, complex trauma, domestic violence and managing emotional dysregulation.

John Digman is a licensed independent social worker by the State of Ohio, and joined the group in Summer of 2017. Mr. Digman brings a unique history to the group that includes: motivational speaking, group therapy, family and couples counseling. He also specializes in anger management, and has been practicing independently for nearly a decade. Mr. Digman has memberships with NASW (National Association of Social Workers), NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), NOVA (National Organization for Victim Assistance) & NAMA (National Anger Management Association).

Pamela Kern is an independently licensed professional clinical counselor with the supervisor endorsement by the State of Ohio. She specializes in AD/HD (Children), Depression, Anxiety, Behavior Disorders, Family, Adoption Issues, Foster Children, Physical & Sexual Abuse (Children), Parenting Skills, Women's Issues, and LGBTQ concerns. She contracts with CCG Part-time, and has limited availability.

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