Helping News                                                  March 2013 Issue 57

The Clinical Counseling Group assesses Client Satisfaction 

After four months of collecting input from clients, several important considerations are apparent: 

1. Outside of responding most of often to item number one on the survey, clients responded most often to the question about friendliness of the office environment.

2. Overwhelmingly, 98% of clients responding, preferred longer sessions (1 hour or more) versus shorter 45 minute sessions.

3. The question most often responded to, concerned clients making potential recommendations to others about counseling received.

The Clinical Counseling Group used the
"Healthgrades" questionnaire as a 
template for clients to use. 93% of 
clients indicated they would definitely
recommend counseling based on 
experience with the Clinical Counseling 
Group. 98% of clients identified the office
as friendly and comfortable, while 94%
reported therapists helped them gain 
useful insight. 

Although the percentages are very favorable, 
CCG strives to make the therapy experience even better by continually re-evaluating services, asking for feedback, and using measurable outcomes for progress. An ongoing tally of clients' satisfaction can be found on the website: Client Satisfaction page. 

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