Helping News                                                  November, 2013   Issue 65

Report shows 50 percent increase of suicide among men in their 50's

A new report by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention shows a 50% increase in suicides among men in their 50's. The same study showed that 2009 was the first year in which deaths by suicide surpassed deaths by car crashes! 

Since 1999, the rates of suicide among older age groups and genders have increased. Women in their 60's have shown an incidence of suicide that has risen 60% during this time period. "We just don't know the reason this is happening, but the numbers are increasing at a time when baby boomers are taking hits to their retirements and those things we used to call pensions," sais Dr. Peirson, chief clinical officer for the ADAMHS of Montgomery County (Ohio). 

Many have speculated that the older generation is being impacted by stressors of caring for older parents, losing financial stability, managing support of young adult children, and becoming more socially isolated than ever before. Increased stress and lack of help may have become a condition spiraling out of control.

The need for social supports and professional intervention (counseling and psychiatric) have never been greater than now for the middle aged generation. The questions are, whether or not signs are recognized, and if the help is available and sought out.     


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