Helping News                                                   July, 2009   Issue 12
Having a Positive Mood Matters

Recent research has shown that those with a sunnier disposition may live longer. 

Introduction By Seth Czarnecki
Reviewed by QualityHealth's Medical Advisory Board 
We all have that one co-worker, friend, or neighbor who is constantly (and maybe even annoyingly) happy.  And while some believe that people are just born optimists, recent exciting studies have shown that happiness is learned-much like crocheting or table tennis. A study conducted at Wake Forest University asked a group of 50 students to force themselves to act like extroverts, even if they had to fake. By the end of the exercise the vast majority of the participants felt genuinely happier.
What's more, studies conducted Harvard University and the University of California at San Diego found that happiness, like misery, likes company.  Their research shows that simply know someone who is happy makes you 15 percent more likely to be happy yourself.

Thinking positively is 
important as it increases 
your white blood cell count 
which helps you fight off
infection and disease. 
A positive thinker is always
better equipped with a 
significantly stronger 
immune system. If you've bad
emotion and think 
negatively, you're risking 
your life for cancer, 
coronary heart disease, 
depression, high blood 
pressure  and diabetes. 

Specifically, if you're optimistic towards your life, the world would become a beautiful masterpiece of art, or else, the world would appear scary and horrible for those who have more negative thought patterns. One philosopher once said, "A life is a mirror". When you cry, it'll cry; and when you smile, it'll smile too. The bottom line: Not only positive thinking can make you happier and healthier but also longevity as well. It seems that positive thinking may also help with the way you cope with pain. It also appears to me that positive outlives negative. Peace reigns war. Love destroys hate and jealosy.


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