Helping News                                                   April, 2009   Issue 9

Ah Spring!

Getting fresh air, increasing the amount of daylight, and pausing to enjoy the rejuvination of life allows for the best in us this time of year.  

This time of year prompts us to consider spring cleaning, starting fresh, getting outside, and enjoying activities we've neglected during the cold winter months. 
However, it's also a time to reflect, pause and and be sensible with our efforts.   
The Springtime is a wonderful time of year that inspires new hope and expectation, but be careful to keep stress levels in check with reasonable expectations.  In other words, enjoy the moments and beauty of the season, and allow the spring cleaning, yard work and new tasks to be secondary. 

A recent study in the New England 
Journal of Medicine noted that reduced
air pollution in cities was estimated to 
have increased lifespan in city-dwellers.
And that being outside was highly 
correlated with better health. So get
get outside and soak up the fresh warm

Pause and enjoy the beauty. Stopping
yourself, noting a beautiful flower, 
watching children playing outside, 
listening to a migrating songbird and 
feeling the sun on your skin gives you
opportunity to practice living in the 

Ups and Downs

Everyone has ups and downs in their lives, it's part of being an engaged human being. We experience events and situations that allow us to react in ways that may feel good or bad. However, some of us find that we experience dramatic mood changes that have nothing to do with these life experiences. This is known as a Bipolar Disorder, if the mood disturbances are enough to disrupt our everyday lives. There are many types and patterns of Bipolar Disorder, and there are several good interventions that allow those with the disorder to live healthy happy lives.

Healthy diet and exercise, regular rest 
and sleep, stress management, 
eliminating alcohol and drugs, using 
support networks, and monitoring 
ourselves can go a long way to help 
us better manage our moods. Also, 
accepting ourselves and taking full 
responsibility for our health is essential 
to long standing wellness. Bipolar 
disorders untreated and umanaged can be dangerous. Having an individual support plan that addresses  warning signs, intervention, and ongoing management is crucial. 




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