Helping News                                                  October 2009 Issue 15
CCG begins Web Polls

Through the second half of September 2009, the Clinical Counseling Group began conducting online surveys as an adjunct service. This web polling will take place every month along with the monthly newsletter as an additional effort on the part of the practice to best serve those most interested in good mental health.  It is the intention to offer useful feedback on a variety of topics impacting people's lives. It is also the goal of CCG to use topics of concern submitted to the website by interested parties to more specifically address issues of interest.

The two web polls conducted last month included, "How is your health care coverage?" & "What do you think is most stressful?" - each survey had a variety of selections to choose from, resulting in dozens of responses to report.    "How is your health care coverage?" generated the following total results: Great= 0%, Good= 7%, Barely Adequate = 20%, Not Good = 46%, and No Coverage = 27%. Although the total numbers could have been larger to add to the confidence level of the survey- the trend was certainly startling! 

The question pertaining to health care coverage 
may be pursued more specifically to understand 
what may lie at the core of this dissatisfaction. 
Questions about "non-coverage" will also be 
explored. As well as possibly addressing what has
contributed to at least a very small number of those
persons satisfied with their insurance coverage.

The second poll conducted pertaining to "most 
stressful" life circumstances may be a sign of the
times. The results of the "most stressful" items
were as follows: Financial Concerns = 35%, Work 
Related Stress = 18%, Failing Relationship = 15%, 
Death of a Loved One = 13%, Parenting = 10%, 
School = 5%, with End of a Relationship & Moving at 3%.  It may also be a demonstration of the interrelatedness of circumstances (especially considering the top three selections of the survey).  

The Clinical Counseling Group welcomes all ideas for future surveys, and looks forward to giving feedback on all results.    

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