Helping News                                                   November, 2022   Issue 162

​Creating Emotional Strength & Hope in Post-COVID World

As we return to some sense of normalcy in much of the U.S., many of us are struggling with lingering fear, anxiety & even hopelessness. The Pandemic taught us to rehearse ways of interacting, working, and existing based on the real fear of contracting the virus. It's is proving to be difficult for many of us to return to thought systems and behaviors from the Pre-COVID life we had.

Suggestions for creating  a more "normal" and enjoyable existance, include: arranging and carrying out small tasks in public, engaging in small social gatherings with vaccinated people, expanding limits of public interaction in small comfortable increments, sharing with trusted friends and family ways that public interactions have recently gone well, exercising and doing activities outside, and planning for the future.   

Comfortably, cautiously and thoughtfully expanding our "comfort zone," is what is now required to rebuild the strength and confidence we once had. Facing our anxiety, and re-experiencing success, as we move through our daily activities gives us the best chance to re-adapt, desensitize, and begin to feel that faith again. Hope is most certainly enhanced as we continue to take on more "normal socialization" and experience satisfactory results.

So, get out there!, but be thoughtful, comfortable and respectful...

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