Helping News                                                   August, 2020   Issue 146

Coronavirus update: Amid recommendations to provide
Telehealth and Distance Counseling, some insurance companies refusing to cover their members

After Governor Mike DeWine's Stay-At-Home directives in March, and current recommendations to continue distancing, most mental health providers transitioned to telehealth and distance counseling. Despite these efforts, and considering most clients were supported and served through this difficult time, several big insurers are refusing to cover their members. 

The benefit statements are now coming back to many  professional counselors showing therapy not being covered due to coding designated for "distance/telehealth counseling," or other more bogus claims, i.e., "NPI numbers are missing." In spite of this lack of coverage, many therapists continue to treat and support clients without reimbursement. In response to this growing concern, practices are notifying clients, submitting reports to the State of Ohio Insurance Board, local representatives, and the Governor's office.

The Clinical Counseling Group is asking clients to contact their insurance company when this issue arises to get information about this lack of coverage. CCG will also continue to monitor the lack of coverage, while noting the worst offenders.

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