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 CCG offers an appealing alternative to traditional counseling. Beginning in 2013, CCG invites people to purchase a subscription to the Professional Advice Corner. For $50 per month, a therapist will deliver advice, suggestions, strategies to people requesting help for general everyday situations. The service is targeted for those individuals struggling to manage situational concerns, just looking for a fresh healthy perspective to boost them through tough moments.   

People will be able to email, or phone-in concerns through the subscription period without limit. The service is not counseling, but rather a "suggestion" service for the purpose of situational management.  Tough spots concerning parenting moments, relationships, work related stress, etc. can be addressed in a non-clinical manner. One to six month subscriptions can be purchased, with 20% discount offered to those opting for six months. 

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Need Advice!!!- We started potty training with Alicia last Friday. Things are going great how ever at night its not. We are having a hard time keeping her to stay in her bed. I know she is getting out of bed to use the potty, but mostly to get out of bed and act like she is going.  We have told her its bed time, and to ONLY get out of bed to go potty. It seems to take an hour or hour and half to get her to stay in bed. We have never had this problem, usually she would stay in bed at bedtime.

Also the same thing when she gets up in the middle of the night. She thinks its play time.

I tried last night giving her a warning its bed time, but she would get up, i would just put her to bed with out saying anything. Put her to bed at 8:30, and it was 10:00 before she finally stopped. This is tough for me cause I am the only one home.

P.S. Help David and I are tired. LOL

Hello Joanie & David,
Suggested Strategies:
1. Have her use the potty right before any nap or structured sleep time
2. Acknowledge/reinforce ("good job using the potty right away") when she quickly urinates or defecates when using the potty
3. Put up all possibly "play" items/stimuli (toys, books, etc.) that she would have access to during "awake" time, & explain play is for "awake" time only.
4. During sleep time, if she gets up claiming the need to use the restroom, make the time as "boring as possible," only acknowledging behavior that fits with going potty (e.g., "I see your new slippers too, but we are going to the bathroom right now, & then it's bedtime"). 
Let me know how that works-